Reiki Training

The word Rei means «Universal» et Ki refers to «energy» or «life force», pretty much like Prana. Reiki is a system for personal and spiritual development, based on the awareness and mastery of this universal force that flow through each and everything. Institutionalised in Japan by Mikao Usui it is a tradition that is passed on from Master to student. Many lineages have spread from his original teachings and new systems appeared. Even though the word Reiki existed before Usui, he actually built an institution around the sharing of practices that enables the devoted ones to tap into this energy.

The teachings of Reiki aim at bringing awareness and responsibility upon one's own creative potential. First, it is a method for spiritual and personal development. One of its by-products is the abtility to channel and conduct Universal Energy, stimulating the progressive healing processes of past and present traumas and preventing physical, emotional and mental dis-ease.

The trainings offered by Hari cover 5 degrees, to be completed in private or semi-private sessions only.