Kundalini Yoga

Vibrate the cosmos

Those practices are very efficient to awaken one's full potential consciousness (Kundalini) so that it unravels itself, allowing the essence of being to bloom. This process can happen naturally as we harmonise the multiple dimensions of the being, while strengthening the various systems in the field of the body. 

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is a very traditional and complete form of yoga. A practice of that kind contains chanting, breathing, postures and movements, mudras (hand positions), drishtis (eye positions) and bandha (energy locks practiced through specific muscular engagements). Every sequence is built to affect a specific organ or system in the field of the body as well as any sphere of consciousness.

I personnally choose to take Kundalini Yoga out of its box. I choose to practice it in a way that allows me to fully surrender to my inner guidance. And this is how I like to share it.