The word Yoga means «Union»: of all parts of the body becoming as one; of the individual consciousness or the soul, to the Universal consciousness or Spirit; from the drop to the ocean. Even though it has often been advertised and made mainstream as a primarily physical approach - The practice of Asana being the most common approach to Yoga in the west - the image through which Yoga is actually presented is often much more superficial than what it is meant to be. It is a profound, complex and ancient science which is meant to «Unite» and expand the infinite potential of each being. On your journey through this path, keys are to be found, such as integrity. Then, each practice becomes one of respect in regards to any condition.

Trained in Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Pranayama, Trance Dance and a Reiki Master Teacher, Hari Baldevta is devoted to the study, practice and teaching of Yoga, as a tool to bring one closer to its own true self. Offering group classes and workshops in various locations, private or semi-private, adapted to the student's own intentions and goals as well as Reiki Treatments and trainings. His wide range of tools allows him to chose an approach to honor the student's actual needs.

Where many have started their Yoga journey looking for a physical workout and fitness, to gradually end up discovering a deeper spiritual experience, Hari did the reversed path. He began his journey from a very spiritual outlook, in tune with most subtle and abstract experiences, which he had to learn to integrate and embody into the most concrete world. This is how he began working in a way to connect Body and Spirit, teaching methods that oblige students to create contact with their own body and consciousness;  sometimes in a very dissected manner to help better analyse and feel, or in a more intuitive way, enabling more letting go and the deconstruction of limiting patterns.



Sacred living

Take your yoga out of the Box

Having studied with various schools and traditions, I have found that many teachings are based on interpretations of what ancient masters have said... and so many of these interpretations are contradicting what others schools are teaching from the same masters. Yoga as taught by any institution is deprived of its organic nature, which cannot be contained by words (thus not limited to what the books say). 

Yoga out of the box, as taught by Hari, is a Yoga practice that focuses on bringing yoga back to its original essence, that which has never changed and will never change. That which cannot actually be studied rather than experienced. By taking your Yoga out of the box, you are allowing yourself to actually step off your mat and still be a Yogi.


With Hari, we try to express yoga through various types of practices focusing on allowing you to be creative with how you can express your yoga daily, on and off the mat.

Cultivating health and mobility, mindset and integrity, intention and attention, breaking up old concepts and opening up to a new vision. Opening up to a new world of possibilities. Ultimately, the goal is to enable everyone to express Union with their full potentiel, in the way they are called to do it at the moment.


Hari Baldevta

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